Plitvice Lakes

If you are visiting Croatia’s national park, here are the best tips I can give you:
- Go very early (we arrived there at 10.30 after taking the 8.30 bus from Zadar which was the earliest bus available) and even so there was already a huge (enormous) line in entrance 1.
- Use entrance 2: most people use entrance 1 as it is supposed to have a better view of the park and because you walk right into the main lakes but, to be honest there is almost no difference except for how long you will be in line to get your ticket J;
- Take lunch/snacks: food inside the park is expensive and not good;
- Book your bus ticket in advance because seats do get sold out especially returning from the park. We booked our return ticket at 5.30 (which is the latest) but we finished visiting the park earlier and easily managed to anticipate our return);
The park is incredible but the herd of people visiting is a letdown. I felt more like I was in a famous museum, say the Louvre, in line to get a good picture of Mo…

Summer get away: Croatia!!!

I have to say I was positively surprised with Croatia. As you know, travelling Europe in August can be scary if you are the type of person who hates crowds of tourists. I thought Croatia, being such a famous destination these days would be super packed, so I was preparing for the worse! I couldn’t be more wrong! Our trip was amazing! Here are a few things which will help you on your trip to Croatia:
-       - If you are travelling in August I recommend planning your trip and booking both transportation and accommodation in advance. It will avoid you a lot of time in lines and internet searching when you are already there. Plus, having to change your plans because there is no ferry or bus seats can be a bump.
oYou can buy all ticket online but be careful as some bus companies ask you to print out your ticket and charge you an extra 2/3€ for taking your luggage or other “weird internet expenses”. Just go with it and don’t try to understand.
-       - Croatians are very nice people and th…

Girl on the train movie - waste of a great book!

This Hollywood obsession of turning all bestselling books into movies should end! Not all books are meant for the big screen and The Girl on the Train sure looks like one. Dealing with a story with different narrators and timeframes is hard to do in movies yet not impossible - Nolan’s The Prestige (2006) is a pretty good example of a success. However this movie failed to do so and Hawkins amazing organization of perspectives and events in the book turns out boring and loses all of it's suspense. Next time instead of trying to turn the bestselling book of 2015 into the major blockbuster of 2016, dedicate a little more time to making an interesting plot and not just copy the book! Cheers to Emily Blunt though for an amazing performance!

Best women's day article I could have found!

Why you should travel solo! 6 female travelers share their thoughts. | The Best Solo Travel Tips for a Girl Travelling Alone
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Good reads

After watching Gone Girl, which I thought was one of the best movies of 2014, I was eager to investigate a bit on the author of the book, Gillian Flynn’s other work. So after being done with Paula Hawkins Girl on the Train, I dove into Sharp Objects and Dark Places.
They are both very well written. Flynn's greatest gift seems to be creating deep and well developed characters. You can almost picture her scribbling on some paper an enormous amount of background story on each character she invents. In Dark Places she carefully takes us through the minds of several members of the Day family, focusing on the current life of disturbed Libby (the youngest daughter of the family who survived the massacre), and happenings on the fatidic day for Patty (the mother and head of the household) and Ben (the oldest brother and presumed killer).  For Patty and Ben the book evolves in a good pace, as in each chapter you find out yet another detail of their lives that helps put together what realy h…

Harry Potter Studios

Finally completed one of my wish list things to do! Visit the HP studios! As a true HP fan, from the very beginning I recommend it! Truly do! So here are some tips and suggestions if you are also planning to visit!

Buying tickets and getting there You can get the tickets from the HP Studios official website. I recommend doing this as soon as you book your trip, because the only way into the studios is with a reservation and they do sell out. The visit is very well organized. Every 20 minutes or so they allow a group of about 50 people to go in. There is a first part with a film and then you are on your own to explore all of the set. This is good because it means there are no lines and waiting around. Bathrooms are all clean and food court was not packed (and we went on a Saturday).   To get there I recommend buying a package deal with entrance and returning bus ride to central London (from and to Victoria). I mean this because if you miss your reservation the park doesn’t guarantee your …

Jamie Oliver Italian and Union Jack - London

Being a real fan of Jamie’s Italian style cuisine, and since it tends to be a tradition of mine going to his places wherever I go, I booked lunch at Jamie’s Italian in Covent Garden. However I messed up the places and we ended up at Union Jack. See two of his places are in Covent Garden but Union Jack is the one inside the actual market. When we got there the host said we had the wrong place because they didn’t take reservations. We however manage to get a table anyway and had a very pleasant lunch. I had a marguerita and my friends some sort of chicken curry specialty of Union Jack. Staff is nice and the buzz and location are simply fantastic.
We ended up also being able to try Jamie’s Italian because we randomly found it a couple of days later. Also it will not let you down. Same style decoration and menu as any of the other Jamie Italians which however alike always have a personal touch of originality. Prices are as always average and the Chocolate Praline Pudding was do dye for!