Harry Potter Studios

Finally completed one of my wish list things to do! Visit the HP studios! As a true HP fan, from the very beginning I recommend it! Truly do! So here are some tips and suggestions if you are also planning to visit!

Buying tickets and getting there
You can get the tickets from the HP Studios official website. I recommend doing this as soon as you book your trip, because the only way into the studios is with a reservation and they do sell out. The visit is very well organized. Every 20 minutes or so they allow a group of about 50 people to go in. There is a first part with a film and then you are on your own to explore all of the set. This is good because it means there are no lines and waiting around. Bathrooms are all clean and food court was not packed (and we went on a Saturday).  
To get there I recommend buying a package deal with entrance and returning bus ride to central London (from and to Victoria). I mean this because if you miss your reservation the park doesn’t guarantee your entrance.  Also when you are done visiting the park you will be exhausted so sitting in a comfortable bus watching a HP movie, they’ll be playing, while being driven back to town it’s just ideal.
The name of the operator we used was Golden Tours and we paid something like 50£ each. When you choose your entrance time, the bus departure time will also change, to ensure you get there in time.

Inside the park you need 3 or more hours to be able to see everything. If you are on London vacation and don’t want to loose an entire day just pick a 5 o’clock reservation as we did. It gives you enough  time to wander around and catch the last bus back to town.

What's best?
Its HP studios! Meaning all the props, clothes, sceneries that you will be seeing are all the real deal! It’s above all, a museum of the HP movies and any HP fan will go bananas. Be prepared for Hogwarts, The Burrow, The Ministry, the Chamber of Secret’s door, the Sorting Hat, Diagon Alley and much much more!
The staff is awesome! All HP fanatics, from the moment you arrive to leaving they will do their best to make your trip as pleasant and magical as possible! You can ask them questions on anything about the studios or the books or ask them to take photos, anything you need.
Do not miss the flying car experience and the broomstick. There is a little fast line and you can make a cool video of you flying in a broomstick and get awesome pictures while dressed appropriately.

What needs improving?
The diner! I really was hoping for a Three Broomsticks kind of environment while drinking my butterbeer (which btw is awesome). Instead it’s just a simple diner with some sandwiches and coffee. No magic there!

The store! What a letdown! First I thought everything was crazy overpriced. A clock for 70£, scarf for 25£? No need for such prices. Also there was really nothing that you could look at and say what an amazing great thing to buy. Big lack of originality in this department! Hate to mention it but if it was in the states no doubt the merchandizing would be much cleverer!


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