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Amsterdam! End of May 2015!

This was my second time in the infamous Amsterdam. My first time there was in March 2013, and as we arrived the first thing anyone told us was “hey, welcome to the north pole. It’s the coldest month of March since 1920 something”. Jackpot! This time around was much better weather…not great if you consider that I am travelling from 30 degrees in Lisbon, but definitely better! So here are a few points on Amsterdam and Zaanse Schans the lovely place with the Windmills.
Here are a few FAQ from my friends about Amsterdam:

Public transport/trams On both trips I used the tram only three times. Twice to get to the hotel with the bags and another time to get a TerraVision bus stop to get to Brussels from a further part of town. I guess this depends on how much you enjoy walking and, where your hotel/hostal is. This time we were in Munk Hotel in Achtergracht Street and the other time I was near Leidseplein which was also central. Distances on the map seem further than they actually are, so I recom…


Day 1 – Adventure begins! My friend Joana, who is quite a citizen of the world (having lived in São Paulo, Scotland, and New York in the past few years) is now living in Dublin! Since I went to visit her, there will be no reviews on where to stay - Joana is simply a fantastic host! In terms of Dublin and the nearby areas, there is plenty to discuss…and an urge to go again!

First of all if you are travelling from Lisbon you can fly Air Lingus or/and Ryanair and have a cheap ticket if you avoid high season and book in advance. From the airport to central city just take the turquoise buses ( 10€ return).

As I arrived a little bit after lunch hour, we grabbed some delicious sandwiches to go at a place smartly called Lunch and headed out to eat outside at Trinity College lawn fields, whereas most students were also soaking the fleeting sun.

We spent the afternoon just walking around town with a little few shopping stops – check out Avoca, a very cool store with Irish made stuff. We also went…