Plitvice Lakes

If you are visiting Croatia’s national park, here are the best tips I can give you:

- Go very early (we arrived there at 10.30 after taking the 8.30 bus from Zadar which was the earliest bus available) and even so there was already a huge (enormous) line in entrance 1.

- Use entrance 2: most people use entrance 1 as it is supposed to have a better view of the park and because you walk right into the main lakes but, to be honest there is almost no difference except for how long you will be in line to get your ticket J;

- Take lunch/snacks: food inside the park is expensive and not good;

- Book your bus ticket in advance because seats do get sold out especially returning from the park. We booked our return ticket at 5.30 (which is the latest) but we finished visiting the park earlier and easily managed to anticipate our return);

The park is incredible but the herd of people visiting is a letdown. I felt more like I was in a famous museum, say the Louvre, in line to get a good picture of Mona Lisa rather than in a National Park. If you are waiting for some quiet nature time, forget going there in August. 


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