Summer get away: Croatia!!!

I have to say I was positively surprised with Croatia. As you know, travelling Europe in August can be scary if you are the type of person who hates crowds of tourists. I thought Croatia, being such a famous destination these days would be super packed, so I was preparing for the worse! I couldn’t be more wrong! Our trip was amazing! Here are a few things which will help you on your trip to Croatia:

-       - If you are travelling in August I recommend planning your trip and booking both transportation and accommodation in advance. It will avoid you a lot of time in lines and internet searching when you are already there. Plus, having to change your plans because there is no ferry or bus seats can be a bump.

o   You can buy all ticket online but be careful as some bus companies ask you to print out your ticket and charge you an extra 2/3€ for taking your luggage or other “weird internet expenses”. Just go with it and don’t try to understand.

-       - Croatians are very nice people and they seem to like tourists. They are, however, very protective of their country and will give you a snarky look if, for example, they catch you smoking without an ash tray. On the positive side, Croatia is very well taken care, there is no garbage on the floor, streets are all clean during the night and most touristic places are super well organized.

-      - Be ready to spend more than you were prepared for! You can get a pretty good meal including wine in an average restaurant for around 15 to 20€ (they use Kunas don’t forget). Transports vary but are not the cheapest. Since we were jumping from the mainland to the islands car was not an option for us but check it because it could be a good solution. Overall you will find many things to spend money on such as tour guides, boat renting, etc.

o   Take cash and exchange your money in a bank because they offer a much better conversion rate and no extra costs. Avoid ATM withdrawal and paying with VISA or you will pay insane fees! In Montenegro you will also pay an international fee for cashing out money at the ATM even though they use Euros.


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