"A love letter to the world"

Another art exhibition I truly recommend is Genesis from Sebastião Salgado. 

"A love letter to the world" is how the Brazilian photographer sees his new work.  When you check out his exhibition, you will understand what he means. All black and white, his passionate shots are a mixture of very sudden captures and others where the world (and its inhabitants) just seem to be posing for the picture. 

Salgado seems to have been everywhere, photographing simply nature in its pure state at the Amazonia jungle,  the glaciers, the grand canyon, the lost tribes - including the Zo'é which was only found 20 years ago in Brazil, and wild animals such as penguin communities or Uganda's last free gorillas.

Yet, when you leave the exhibition you have a new perspective on how big our world is, and how many lost paradises are still out there. I felt like grabbing my camera and just going out there to finish the work!


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