Missing Paris

Good morning everyone,

Woke up today missing one of my favorite cities to stroll, shop, eat...and so much more. 
The lovely Paris, always ready to be photographed! Here are a few shots of one of my recent trips there! 

Pauline is a lovely and charming lady who at her very advanced age is still selling paintings in the street. Sad I know. Her painting of lavender flowers' jar is on my bedroom wall, in a matching purple frame.

Macaroons are such a coquete pastrie, it makes sence that the famous  La Durée store matched it!

This gorgeous lady is my mom, walking alongside the Seine on a pretty sunny day, near Pont Des Arts, the famous bridge with the lockers you see on the movies.

The timeless Polidor - my favorite restaurant in Paris

Remember Last Tango in Paris? For me,l one of the most beautiful bridges in Paris


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