Girls sunday lunch at Capricciosa

Capricciosa Cascais  is a nice spot right in the center of Cascais and above the beach. The food is good but not amazing. The best thing about this restaurant really is its great view of the ocean and the price, which is quite average. Our Sunday girly lunch was there this weekend, proof that even in winter sunny days you can take advantage of their terrace!

I must say I have had a very bad experience at Capricciosa, a group bday dinner that went totally south and had me avoiding Capricciosa for quite a while. However I decided to give it another try, especially because of the restaurant’s incredible location. The past two times I went, the service was okay and the pizzas were quite good.
The trick to enjoy even more Capricciosa is going for lunch (so you can enjoy the view better) and sit outside (inside it gets a bit too loud with the families that bring children). Overall the very busy staff is friendly. The simple red and white decoration is easy to enjoy, especially when you have big windows letting in the sun and the beach sight. Capricciosa Cascais is not the best place to eat, sure, but it's so very pleasant :)


  1. Totalmente verdade - Vai-se pela vista não pela comida, mas a comida até se safa.


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