Did anybody say Pizza?

Who knew there was so much to say about Pizza? Did you know there is an organization dedicated to protecting the genuine pizza Napolitana? That there are a special set of gastronomical rules and ingredients to do it? And a special badge for making Pizza Napolitana? … I didn’t but I learnt all about it last night! No, I did not jet to Napoli but the very kind chef Humberto Oliveira at Pizzeria Lambrettazzurra in the Center of Cascais, nicely told us all about it and about the harvests of the several Italian vinos like Chiante, while preparing an amazing pizza meal. The place is a nice little hidden spot in Cascais. With a simple pizzeria decor and nice touch of traditional italian music playing in the background (resembling the Godfather Sicilia scenes), this place will transport you to Italy while you taste the marvelous set of Italian cheeses for starters, a great wine, and later on a true Napolitana pizza with the ingredients of your choice. Chef Humberto is super friendly and is not only the owner of this family business but also the pizza chef. He told us 30% of his customers are Italian families who come in suspicious and try a simple margarita, just to test and then acknowledge the true method of Pizza Napolitana making. They then return for another more fulfilling pizza! I am not a fan of pizza but I think the whole experience was worth the try!


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