Did anybody say burguer?

One of the funniest things about living in Portugal are trendy waves we sometimes have. For a brief period of time, a certain type of food, drink or restaurant seems to be extremely trendy. New places open up exploring the idea in the most original ways, and they go on doing well until the trend is replaced for another one! People go bananas for whatever is trendy! Lately, we have had the cupcakes trend, the macaroons trend, the gin and the hamburger trends (both still active) – and someone even already came up with the idea of joining these two trends together!
Hamburgueria de Bairro is one of the places that is exploring the hamburger trend and, has worked out so well it has already become a chain.  Last week we went to try the one in Cascais, I had already been to another one in Príncipe Real. Both my experiences were quite nice! The menu is made up of several hamburgers choices, including a chicken and a veggie one! The bread resembling brioche is always super fresh, the house mayo and cheesecake are delicious.


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