Did anybody say Brunch?

Brunch at Chef Nino - Lx Factory

Brunch is such a lovely invention! In Portugal brunch is done a special way!  There will be no mimosas and eggs are an option, not a rule! Still it’s quite amazing to get everybody together for a late breakfast/ light lunch altogether. I normally go with friends and we just love to sit around, take our time trying all the delicious options, enjoying the good company and the chance to catch up with everything that’s been going on in each other’s lives.
Yesterday I tried another great Brunch in Lisbon! This time in LX Factory! I had been to Café da Fábrica about a year or so ago on a beautiful summer day. This time we tried Chef Nino’s brunch. They don’t accept reservations and the place is quite small, so the best way to get a table is to be there right when it opens at 12:30. We arrived a little past one and had to wait around 20minutes but the staff is very nice, they will keep your phone number and give you a call whenever the table becomes available.

Their brunch was made up of your choice of cheese and jam (I went for brie with tomato jam), a quiche with mixed salad, a veggie pancake with herbs sauce, yogurt and cereals with honey and a very fresh choice of bread and croissants with butter or homemade strawberries jam. There was also juice and coffee. All for a total of 11.50€ a menu!
I must confess, I missed my eggs and the menu was a bit too sweet, but overall the brunch was very good, the staff was super nice and the place is lovely! I really recommend it!


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